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    Virtual Center Documentation re: Templates

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      re: VirtualCenter v1.1.1 Build 9544


      Help Topic: Importing a Non-Managed Virtual Machine as a Template


      The instructions, beginning with Step 4:




      4 Select the type of source virtual machine.


      Click A GSX Server or Workstation virtual machine. /bClick Next.




      Do not correspond to the dialogs presented by the wizard.


      After clicking "Next" in Step 3, the dialog for "Source virtual machine" has only two options:




      \- A virtual machine in the VMware VirtualCenter Inventory.


      \- A virtual machine on a local file system that is not in the VMware VirtualCenter Inventory.






      If I select the second option, the next dialog that is presented (Virtual Machine Configuration File) has the "Browse" button disabled.




      Now for the question part:


      How do I import a set of .vmtx / .vmtd files into VC? The files reside on the SAN (VC is not directly connected to SAN).


      The template was created during a prior installation of VC. We have since reinstalled (and blew away the data in the database).