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    Kudos for the VMware Fusion staff

    blackpuma Hot Shot

      I just thought I'd give some positive feedback.


      Speed with debugging turned off: terrific. I'm not doing any benchmarking here. This is just my overall impression doing development work within VMs. Apps load quickly. I never see any jitter.


      (Other than the need to hack the config file) I'm pleased that I can run a WinXP guest VM full-screen on a 30" Cinema Display. Sweet stuff.


      Working with USB flash drives seems a lot faster. Detection and mounting, read/write, and unmounting is quick as lightning now.


      I don't see as much disk thrashing. I can move between a VM and OS X without much (or any) delay.


      I was skeptical about VM packages, but I love them now, partially because (in combination with the new "VM Library" screen, I have a short, easy-to-understand list of VMs. That counts for a LOT.


      Anyhow, with all the "fun" tackling bugs &c. on a  daily basis, I thought I'd give some positive feedback for the great improvements in Fusion.