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    Ports 902 and 905

    jasonboche Champion

      I've been capturing Virtual Infrastructure Client <> VirtualCenter Server <> ESX Server <--> Virtual Infrastructure Client network traffic lately to monitor the use of port 905 and I'm not seeing that port 905 is being used any longer for VirtualCenter or VIC communication of any sort.  Port 902 seems to be used throughout, with the general exception of license server and Tomcat traffic.


      In the VirtualCenter 1.x days, both ports 902 and 905 were used.  One port was used exclusively for VC Client communication to VC Server, and the other port was used for VC Server communication to ESX Server.  Port 902 was also used soley for VMware Remote Console connectivity to the ESX server.


      The reason why I was checking is because I've read some conflicting VI3 documentation on which ports are used, so I wanted to find out to be sure.


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