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    how to ssh login  without a password

    Jae Ellers Master

      I know the drill and have it running fine from a remote host to all ESX 3 servers.  However, I'm not able to connect to my ESX 2.x servers without entering a password.


      We still use root.  I know the implications, but the fact that I'm using ssh while the rest of the systems still use telnet & rlogin is a step in the right direction.


      Anyway, I've already generated the keys on the remote host and copied the public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys.


      Any ideas?  I've copied the working config files from a ESX 3 server.  The only difference in these and the default config is PermitRootLogin yes in sshd_config.


      The old servers are in a NIS domain and different DNS domain.


      The problem chillun are all ESX 2.1.2 that have been stuck here due to configuration freezes for some critical applications.  We're moving them forward RSN.


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