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    Server v1.0.2 & remote console - interactive lag - please help fix

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      First, thanks to anyone who can provide assistance :-)[/b]




      When v1.0.0 was released I gave it a go but while experimenting I found that using the console on a client machine to control vm's on a separate computer running VMware Server was painfully slow.  The latency and lag for keyboard and mouse input was intolerably bad, similarly screen updates were slow.  So we decided to go with MS Virtual Server 2005 R2 which ran like a charm: remote VMRC sessions to vm's on the server had no input or screen update lag at all.  We were happy.


      For a couple of reasons I wanted to give v1.0.2 another go to see if there are any interactive improvements.  Unfortunately it is still extremely painful when trying to use the console on a client computer to control vm's on a separate server running VMware Server.


      I can't believe the product is this bad: there must be something I am doing wrong in the vm or server setup or the environment.  So I am turning to this forum for advice.  Hopefully someone can assist before I give up on VMware Server again.


      Test environment[/b]


      VMware Server v1.0.2 is running on a host OS of Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 SP2 64bit which in turn is running on an IBM System X 3650 with 2 5130 Xeon CPUs (4 cores total) with 10GB of RAM, 2 RAID arrays: Array 1 - RAID 1 75GB for system, Array 2 - RAID 1+0 (4 spindles) ~240GB for vm's.  Server is attached to network core by gigabit ethernet.  VMware Server was installed using all the defaults.  Other than the above it is a clean host - no additional apps.


      Management client is running the VMware Server Console v1.0.2 on Windows  XP SP2 (fully patched) on a Pentium 4 3.2Ghz with 1GB of RAM and 80GB of SATA disk.  Connected to network core by 100Mbit ethernet.


      Test VM created was a Windows 2003 R2 Standard x86 with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of virtual disk.  Guest VMWare Tools are installed.


      Using the console on the management PC to connect to the VMware Server and control the guest vm.




      Any mouse or keyboard input to the guest vm is painfully lagged.  Mouse input especially is so lagged that it is next to impossible to control.  Hitting the right button is like winning the lottery.


      Request for assistance[/b]


      Surely this is not how it is meant to be?  There must be some setting which reduces the latency and lag for vm user inputs.  I have used VMware Workstation in the past and it was not like this: input was smooth and responsive.


      Can someone spot where I am going wrong?  What can I do to improve performance?  I would love to stay with VMware but it looks unlikely at this point in time if I can't get this working.  There must be some way to get interactive sessions from a remote console to be smooth and tolerable.  If MS can get it right surely VMware can do it too


      Again, thanks for any assistance and taking the time to read this.

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          KevinG Guru

          Since this is a Windows 2003 virtual machine, make sure that the "Hardware Acceleration" is set to full.


          1) Open the Display control panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display).


          2) On the Settings tab, click Advanced.


          3) On the Troubleshooting tab, drag the Hardware acceleration slider all the way to Full.



          You can also try with SSL that is used with console connections disabled,  to see if that has any effect while troubleshooting this issue.


          You can also configure the virtual machine to be able to use a VNC client, to see if it's just the console

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            perstrom Lurker

            To get the maximum performance dont forget to implement these settings in all the guests:


            Right click on This Computer .

            Select properties and click on the Advanced Tab.


            Click on the Performance Settings button.


            Select Adjust for best performance button and Click OK  and OK


            Now you should have a major improvement of your server console performance.


            If this isn't enough you can also manage a Windows server using a Terminal server client and connect to the virtual server directly.  (Less bandwidth is used so this is a more optimal way to directly manage Virtual servers over slower WAN links. This way you can still use the VMware server console to control the server settings and snapshots etc. but use Terminal server Client to get a maximum GUI performance on the guests)