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    VC 2.0.1 and ESX 2.5

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      I have started a two week process of upgrading from VC1.3/ESX2.5.4 to VC2.0.1/ESX23.0.1.


      I started by upgrading to VC2.0.1 build 32042. I added my ESX2.5.4 servers and everything was fine, VMotion working and performance fine. Then I noticed there was a VC upgrade available to bring this up to build 40644. After the upgrade I logged into VC. The first shock I got was that the ESX2.5.4 hosts were dsconnected pending a VirtualCenter Agent upgrade. When they came back on line I got my second shock - memory utilisation had gone through the roof giving me warnings on both ESX hosts. Closer inspection reveals that the Memory Granted figure for every VM has gone up to nearly the assigned memory and never comes down.


      Has anyone any ideas why this may be happening?