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    Emulex HBA Failover

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      I am trying to find a way of speeding up hba failover using Emulex LP9204 cards attaching to an EMC Symmetrix. The SAN Configuration Guide says the followin:


      "For Emulex HBAs, you can modify the path failure detection time by changing the value of the module parameters lpfc_linkdown_tmo (the default is 30) and lpfc_nodedev_tmo (the default is 30). The sum of the values of these two parameters determines the path failure detection time. The recommended setting for each is the default. 


      To change these parameters, you must pass an extra option to the driver, such as qlport_down_retry or lpfc_linkdown_tmo. The following section explains how you can pass these options to the driver. "


      However, the guide does not show the exact syntax for doing this.


      Can anyone suggest how to go about this and also whether it is wise to reduce these settings from their defaults?