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    Can you see luns at the hardware level?

    Jae Ellers Master

      I'm having problems with all of my paths and luns showing up to an eva8000.  Vmware wants the qlogic cards to see the luns at the hardware level, so during boot hit Ctrl+q & enter Qlogic fastutil, then select adapter, then scan devices.  I see nothing in this menu and I don't think we ever have.  However, I have other servers working fine with our current zoning.


      Anyone know the specifics of this?  I just do the esx config and we have another san admin who controls the zoning, masking, & luns. 


      I have two fca2214 (qla2340) single port cards in HP dl380g4 systems.  Cards & ports are set to 2 Gb.  Cards are in slots 1&2.