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    LUN Consolidation in preparation for 2.5.3 upgrade to 3.0.1

    Algernon Enthusiast

      Here is the basic scenario:


      -you have 6 LUNs for storing vmdk files.

      \- all 6 LUNs have at least one vmdk file on it.

      \- you want to vmotion machines and relocate the storage on LUNs 1-3 during the VMotion.

      \- After LUNs 4-6 are clean, you want to upgrade some hosts to 3.0.1 and the LUNs to VMFS 3.

      \- You have virtualcenter 2.0.1 and esx 2.5.3 for all hosts at the present time.


      Question: I have the option to relocate vmdk's presented in the vmotion dialogue, and I pick the destination datastores, but it just ignores my selections and keeps the vmdk files where they are.