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    ESX 3.0.1 patch bundles?

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      Is there any cumulative patch bundle for ESX 3.0.1?  I am installing 2 new ESX servers into our farm and looking at the patch list, there currently appears to be 14 patches.  It would be so much cleaner and easier if there was a cumulative update since all of this is a manual process.


      Any help or ways to do this easier than downloading all 14, copying them over, untar'ing them all and 1 by 1 installing and rebooting?  As it stands with all the reboots this will require it's going to be a few hour process..

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          There is not a "cumulative bundle" for ESX 3.x


          We have a TOTALLY different mechanism of patching in ESX 3.0.x. vs. ESX 2.x


          When we have a patch releases.  There may be multiple of these ESX-xxxxxxx "patch bundles".  Each "patch bundle" is independent of others, which means applying one does not include fixes from other "patch bundles".  This gives customer the ability to pick and choose which "patch bundle(s)" the customer wants.


          You can use esxupdate with the -n switch so you do not need to reboot between each patch bundle.


          You can also set up a "Depot" to update multiple ESX Servers to ease the burden.


          See url=http://www.vmware.com/pdf/esx3_esxupdate.pdf Here /url

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            esiebert7625 Guru

            It's usually best to only apply patches that apply to your specific environment. It's not worth the risk to apply a patch for hardware/software you do not have.