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    3 to 4 spikes of low cpu and memory utilization every day?

    williambishop Master

      Every day, I can look through the performance tab and see 3 to 4 spikes of VERY low utilization on one server(the one I'm using to POC desktops under ESX). I haven't seen downtime in the users, but they are spread out and the occurances last very little time(maybe 20 minutes total)....but it's every day and I am having trouble with one location that seems to lose connectivity to the rdp sessions at the same time(3 pc's) and don't automatically reconnect.


      Any ideas on an efficient means of tracking this down? Or anyone with experience with this same problem? They're such momentary spikes, at such a precise interval, it doesn't show up on the multiday graph, just on the 1 day.