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    Installing ESX 3.0.1 Without Disconnecting your SAN

    pizzi Lurker

      Got something for you, guys. Although the trick is only working on HP boxes, you can ealisy modify it for another hardware.


      At the end of your KickStart (%post),  just perform the following changes:



      echo "(fd0)  /dev/fd0"

      echo "(hd0) /dev/cciss/c0d0"

      ) >> /boot/grub/device.map


      cp /boot/grub/grub.conf /tmp/grub.conf

      cat /tmp/grub.conf | sed -e "s/root (hd.*)/root (hd0,0)/g" > /boot/grub/grub.conf


      /sbin/grub-install /dev/cciss/c0d0[/i]


      Using this post-install code, we don't have to disconnect our SAN anymore... and we don't get GRUB hangs anymore