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        LogIQ Novice



        Find the software called WinSCP on Google, and download it. With that software you get an easy explorer like interface to the ESVA's files.

        Use the IP of the ESVA and root+password to log on.

        The rest should be quite easy, just copy it to you your windows machine, and then back to the new ESVA


        \- Ulrich

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          robert.perry Lurker


          Quick question.  Is there a way to use Active Directory from an existing domain, to authenticate the users for their own quarantined emails?


          Great work.  Keep it up.



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            andy.mac Hot Shot

            Guys - The easiest way is to configure your first ESVA server just the way you like it, Shut it down and make copies!

            -You just need to set the IP address when the copy comes up (disconnect the virtual NIC before you boot it or point it to a different vswitch) and change the hostname in webmin once IP is configured & connected.


            \- Just like the setup procedure when you first downloaded ESVA but even quicker & easier (and there is no chance of missing anything!



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              andy.mac Hot Shot

              Not natively due to the user details for MailWatch being kept in the MySql database - however there are instructions for importing users from AD to that database. Not sure how it handles passwords though...





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                andy.mac Hot Shot

                \- or right-click > Edit to edit files in place. Not a bad editor either... (It's no Wordpad, but it does the trick)



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                  LogIQ Novice



                  Yes that I am aware of, but what if I downloaded the first 1.6 version, and added let us say 100 domains and multiple users.

                  If I then want to use the new fully functional version how do I get my configuration from the first virtual machine to the new?

                  That is what I want to accomplish...





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                    LogIQ Novice

                    Could I not export the tables from mysql on one installation, and then import them on another?

                    What is the username and password for the MailWatch database?


                    \- Ulrich

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                      andy.mac Hot Shot

                      OK - That's what I get for not reading the question correctly....

                      You are correct for the Postfix & MailScanner settings, for the MailWatch stuff it's a matter of dumping the database to a flat-file then importing it on your other server. I'll do a quick how-to this evening (with some screenshots too!)


                      -tip for those that can't wait: use the mysql applet in webmin and dump to /tmp, use winscp to copy the file from /tmp to your pc, then import on the target machine using the handy upload feature on the webmin restore/import applet.



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                        andy.mac Hot Shot

                        Use the sql-dump process outlined above - it really is quick & easy!


                        If you need the username/password, they are in conf.php


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                          andy.mac Hot Shot

                          I have documented this now - http://www.global-domination.org/ESVA/how-to/howto-migrate16-16.pdf


                          Any problems, let me know.



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                            Catrinisin Lurker

                            Hello, I am new to ESVA and quite impressed I must say!


                            All of my users get an email each time a spam message is blocked. How can I change this behavior?


                            I know that this answer may be located in some documentation, but the only documentation I can find on the global-domination site is for setup guides, migration, etc.


                            Can someone help?




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                              Shamrock Lurker

                              Hi Andy,


                              Hi Shamrock,

                              Does the user have a similar problem when using the spam-release url in the > notification?


                              The user has the same problem when releasing quarantined mail. The message says that it was released but nothing arrives on my exchange.

                              I've also noticed that using "reports > Message operations" has no result either. When I tag a message as spam and press the learn button, again nothing happens.


                              I would blacklist the email address or domain rather than the ip of

                              where it's coming from. It seems that IMSS is doing strange things

                              to headers so that all mail appears to originate from it... Weird.


                              Yes, I know, so would I. But unfortunately it automatically adds the IP-adres of the webserver as the senders address. You can overwrite it of course but I can't trust my users to do so (if they forget it once, they block out all their mail). In the "received from"-field is my webservers IP and in the "received via"-field is my webservers IP on the first line and the original senders IP on the second. Is there a way of letting ESVA know to ignore my webservers IP (I've allready added it to the trusted_recipients list)


                              e.g. to block all messages from spam.com to all your domains:

                              from: (@)spam.com

                              to: (@)default



                              Thanks for the tip. I'll use that!

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                                Shamrock Lurker

                                Hi Catrinisin


                                Go to: Servers > MailScanner > What to do with spam.

                                In the" Spam Action"-field you'll find: "store notify".

                                Remove "notify" so it only says "store" and that's it.

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                                  jonet Lurker

                                  Try chmod 771 /var/spool/postfix, and enjoy this Great Product

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                                    cpope Novice
                                    VMware Employees

                                    Seems to be working great with the new download.  I now have one other issue.  I am using the appliance as my main mail server.  When an email message gets bounced, I get a message to "Postmaster" saying undeliverable.  It seems that the "Check Valid User" settings aren't working.  If a user is not found in my PAM database, I want it to reject it as a recipient.  I get a lot of spam that comes into my mail server to someuser@mydomain.com that don't really exist.  What is the best way to do this?


                                    It seems that what is happening is that maybe the spam filter is checking the message first and sending a quarentine message to the user.  Well that user doesn't exist in the system, so it can't deliver the quarentine message so postmaster gets a bounce back.  Is there a way to check whether a user exists in a specific database before a message is quarentined?


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