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        DaleMontgomery Lurker


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          DaleMontgomery Lurker

          Is anyone using ESVA also as Outgoing Mail gateway?



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            DaleMontgomery Lurker

            I just found another issue, the user gets a spam

            notification email, but when they click the link to

            release the mail, it sends it back to the original

            sender instead of releasing it to the user.  I can

            release it manually ok?  Where do I look for the

            config for that function?



            In my limited testing, the release link has been working as expected.

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              andy.mac Hot Shot

              OK guys - Here's the fix:


              chown -R postgrey /var/spool/postfix/postgrey


              It would seem that the permissions were wrong...

              Sorry for the hassle. I'll update the downloadable version...



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                andy.mac Hot Shot

                Haven't come across that before, but anything's possible I guess. The funtionality is contained in /var/www/cgi-bin/release-msg.cgi if anyone's interested in making this better - There isn't much code in there, so not sure what could go wrong really...



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                  andy.mac Hot Shot

                  That has been tested and should work OK - I have even put custom postgrey rules to skip private addresses (10/8, 172.16/12, 192.168/16)...


                  Just follow the instructions in the install guide and it should work...



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                    emporio Novice

                    My Internet provider is ATT any connection on port 25 required authentication. Is it possible to configure ESVA using att account ( to provide user name and password)?

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                      andy.mac Hot Shot

                      Once you enable postgrey this should improve dramatically (in practice this is what does all the hard work).

                      To train SA like that would depend on the format of the messages that you have and how you feed them to ESVA.


                      This doc explains how to feed sa-learn from an exchange public folder: http://wiki.mailscanner.info/doku.php?id=documentation:anti_spam:spamassassin:sa-learn:msexchange


                      You could also consider implementing Rules Du Jour (http://www.fsl.com/support/) to fine tune SA.


                      \- Oh and as for the central repository thing - it's something I've been giving some thought to, but I can't see it being available (by me anyway) till the new year, and that's probably going to be a chargeable product (but not too expensive - it will be a lot cheaper than most other commercial products - including ones that don't scale...)



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                        andy.mac Hot Shot

                        Will they not allow you to deliver directly?


                        You can put a rule to deliver all outbound mail (i.e. destinations not listed in /etc/MailScanner/transport) to a specific address (relay), but not sure about authentication...



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                          rooter_c Novice

                          Andy I'm still not getting any joy with postgrey,  what's the test to see if it's running properly?



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                            andy.mac Hot Shot

                            Hi Shamrock,

                            Does the user have a similar problem when using the spam-release url in the notification?


                            I would blacklist the email address or domain rather than the ip of where it's coming from. It seems that IMSS is doing strange things to headers so that all mail appears to originate from it... Weird.



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                              andy.mac Hot Shot

                              Oh yeah - if you want to create a list for an entire domain, only put the last bit in  the filter (to the right of the @). If you want a rule that applies to all domains, use the word default in the domain field.


                              e.g. to block all messages from spam.com to all your domains:

                              from: (@)spam.com

                              to:  (@)default



                              Make sense???



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                                andy.mac Hot Shot

                                restart postgrey:


                                service postgrey restart

                                netstat -a|grep 60000


                                should give output like:

                                \[root@mail-gw ~]# netstat -a|grep 60000

                                tcp        0      0 mail-gw.xxxxx.c:60000 \*:*                         LISTEN


                                Also try to start it manually if there is no output from the netstat command:


                                \[root@mail-gw ~]# postgrey --inet 60000

                                2006/11/01-02:07:43 postgrey (type Net::Server::Multiplex) starting! pid(24231)

                                Binding to TCP port 60000 on host localhost

                                Setting gid to "99 99"

                                Setting uid to "95"


                                Do ctrl-c to kill it.





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                                  rooter_c Novice



                                  ERROR: can't open lock file: /var/spool/postfix/postgrey/postgrey.lock

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                                    cpope Novice
                                    VMware Employees

                                    Same here.  I have tried changing permissions on the lock file to 777 and still no good.  Not sure why it says it can't access that lock file.

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