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    Thanks for the help on topics to add to argument, need additional feedback.

    williambishop Master

      Now I'm down to the nitty gritty!


      I'm putting together my presentation, I've got a proof of concept revised from Doug Browns MIAB series of templates and I've added in the following whitepapers:


      1. 20:1 intel

      2. Making your business disaster ready with virtual infrastructure(we need DR badly)

      3. IBM redpaper "Scale up or out with ESX"

      4. Accelerate Software Development and testing


      The last really doesn't fit, and I think I may need a brief introductory type paper. I plan on giving this to my boss Monday, for a tuesday meeting, he seems the type that likes research ahead of time as much as I do.


      Anything anyone would add to the list. I've got one gung-ho meeting member, 1 middle of the road, and 1 who is not very excited about virtualization at all. Mostly worry I think, he's just not familiar with the technology.