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    Why would I use the Service Console in ESX 3?

    DougBaer Master
    VMware Employees

      It appears that VMware views the Service console as not much more than an appliance. This is even more evident in ESX 3.0 than in previous versions.


      My question to the community is what tasks do you see the average ESX admin needing to do in the SC under ESX 3 with VC?


      I'm looking to help ease the introduction of ESX into all-Windows (we-don't-do-Linux!) shops by explaining that 99% of VM management tasks can be done from the VI Client GUI.


      A few tasks off the top of my head are:


      1. ESX post-install configuration (NTP, for example)

      2. Expanding the size of a VMDK file (vmkfstools -X ...)

      3. Removing an orphaned VMDK file (someone removes the VMDK from a VM then later deletes the VM with 'Delete From Disk' -- the VMDK will hang around and I don't see a way to do file management from the VI Client)


      Any other insight would be educational