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      • 15. Re: Per User pricing model for hosted desktops
        dpomeroy Virtuoso

        Don, you surprise me ....


        Of course if you compare the cost of a PC against the

        cost (per user) of vdi it will almost never work. You

        need to take into accounts all the value proposition

        of VDI (security, flexibility, etc etc) associate

        some dollars to these things .... and do the math

        against the cost of the PC + its operational costs



        Isn't this what we have all done for ESX in the last

        5 years ?





        Ya I know, but hard costs are easy to calculate, but when you get into trying to put a monetary value on "more secure" is where it gets tricking. How much more secure is a VDI solution over what we have now, and how do I calculate how much $$$ this saves us? With ESX you get positive ROI just with the hard costs, so its an easy sell, VDI is a little harder.

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