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    Tape drive to a guest from Linux host

    djflux Enthusiast

      Good day,


      I'm running VMware Server Beta 3 on a CentOS 4.3 host and I have a SCSI LTO tape drive attached to the host and I would like to present it to the guests.  The problem is that currently the tape drive is showing up in the host as /dev/st0 not /dev/sg0.  The tape drive POSTs fine and I can get a status with mt -f /dev/st0 status, but it looks like I can only present /dev/sg devices to the guests.


      I have very little experience with SCSI tape drives in Linux so I'm kind of confused.  Should I just symlink /dev/sg0 to st0?  Is there another way to accomplish what I want?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.