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    A custom scale factor is set in Display

    BarryUWSEFS Enthusiast

      Horizon 7.11 - Windows 10 1909 - Linked Clone Pool


      One of our applications on our Horizon desktops is being cut off from viewing it fully. It is not for everyone but for some Mac Laptop users with a resolution of 1440 x 900. 

      We noticed that the Horizon desktop scaling is set to 175%. Obviously changing the scaling back to 100% or closer, would most likely fix the issue but the display scaling is locked and says

      "Some settings re managed by your system administrator. A custom scale factor is set." I cannot figure out where that custom scale factor is set. Not on the master image where it is is 100% and a custom scale factor is not set. So it must somewhere in VMware settings. In the Horizon client options selecting or de-selecting Allow Display Scaling has no effect. By default our clients Display are set to All Monitors, but changing to Full Screen does not seem to change scaling. On the master image Video card settings we have Specify Custom Settings in order to select 2 displays. 3D is not enabled. I also tried placing this setting back to Automatic and recomposing but it had not effect. When researching this I discovered quite a few complaints bout "A custom scale factor is set" but it was not VDI, just normal Windows machines. Help!