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    Cluster Metrics data equivalence (Cluster CPU Usage and Cluster MEM Usage)

    ALTA2048 Lurker

      Hi Everyone,


      I am looking for an equivalence to the following metrics :


      $ViewCluster = Get-View -ViewType ClusterComputeResource -Filter  @{Name = $ClusterName }

      $ViewHosts = $ViewCluster.host.ForEach({ Get-View -Id $_ })

      $ViewVMs = $ViewHosts.vm.ForEach({ Get-View -Id $_ })

      $viewclusterpool = Get-View -Id $ViewCluster.ResourcePool


      Does the CPU usage be  approximately the same ?


      is similar to:

      $($ViewHosts.Summary.QuickStats.OverallCpuUsage | Measure-Object -Sum).sum

      is similar to:

      $($ViewVMs.Summary.QuickStats.OverallCpuUsage | Measure-Object -Sum).Sum


      Sums of VMs metrics make sense in the resource pool object  but I am looking for Cluster CPU usage


      We find similar values for MEM  :


      is similar to

      $($ViewVMs.Summary.QuickStats.HostMemoryUsage | Measure-Object -Sum).Sum

      and it look like the Cluster Mem usage also, but we cannot find the value from a cluster object.