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    Enabling an HBA for use in ESXi 6.5

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      It's been just under a week since we figured out the last issue, but now I'm getting pretty close to the end-game. I'll try to keep it short, for all of you busy experts out there.


      I have an HBA (LSI SAS9201-16e) connected to a drive cage (Kingwin MKS-435TL) that is holding four SAS HDDs (IBM Storwize V7000 98Y3241). I wish to be able to pass each individual drive to a different VM. I originally thought that this would involve SR-IOV, but now I am not so sure. Instead of wandering around in the dark, I'll ask this:


      What is the recommended method for enabling passthrough of individual drives, that are connected via an HBA?


      If you want/need more info about my setup, tell me - I'll give you the info you request.



      Here are some of the sources that I've read thus far:



      I've had no luck getting it to work thus far:

      Screenshot (98).png

      Screenshot (99).png

      Screenshot (100).png



      Your assistance is greatly appreciated.