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    Does VMWare Fusion support VT-d (PCIe or Thunderbolt Passthrough of devices to VMs)?

    niquek Lurker

      I've got the latest generation Mac Pro tower and I'd like to pass through a PCIe device, an infiniband HBA (that doesn't have drivers available for OS X) directly to a Linux VM.

      The Infiniband HBA works fine in Linux, there are drivers available.

      This should be possible with PCIe passthrough, right?

      Is this something Fusion supports though?

      If it does, I don't see the options for it anywhere ::shrug::

      If I look in the mac's system profiler settings, I can see the device, but no drivers loaded -- but there's no options in Fusion to map it to a VM...


      Also the latest version of Fusion's marketing material says something about "eGPU Support" -- what does that mean exactly?

      Does this mean I can assign an eGPU directly to a VM?  That would be great.