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    VMware ESXi 6.5 U2 Crashes While Idle, PSOD

    TopHatProductions115 Enthusiast

      Dear Community,


      It's been a while since I crashed face-first into an error, but I'm back! I'm currently working with an actual server, with the following specs:

      • 4x Intel Xeon E7-8870's
      • 64GB (16x4GB) DDR3 ECC
      • 1x HP 518216-002 146GB
        • 4x HP 507127-B21 300GB
      • using the server's integrated graphics


      As I mentioned in the title, I managed to get ESXi 6.5 installed on the server. But I've been getting these PSOD's after about 8-9 minutes of just letting the thing idle:


      Can this be caused my faulty memory modules? Or am I missing something. If necessary, I can grab dumps from the server (by just waiting for it to PSOD again). This is the only thing between me and having a relatively quiet VM server to play with at my house. I really want to make this a footnote in the journey

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          Lalegre Expert

          Hey TopHatProductions115,


          This is much probably related with memory issues. The two errors that you are experiencing are all explained here: VMware Knowledge Base


          I recommend you to read that page to get a deeper understanding on what is happening.

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            TopHatProductions115 Enthusiast

            I'm getting ready to run a memory diagnostic, to see if I have any faulty memory sticks installed. I'll let you know how it goes.

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              TheBobkin Virtuoso
              VMware EmployeesvExpert

              Hello TopHatProductions115,


              As you indicated this is a new installation/homelab, can you tell us why you are trying to run a >3 year old build of ESXi?

              I don't think your PSOD has anything to do with memory modules (Lalegre - please elaborate with evidence of why you would suggest this) as there is no mention of anything indicating this and both backtraces indicate sfcb-smx.


              If you google "sfcb" "PSOD" you will see that a number of these PSODs are related to HPE custom images and/or issues in older builds of ESXi - please install a modern version of ESXi at the bare-minimum 6.5 U3 but preferably latest available.

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                TopHatProductions115 Enthusiast

                Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your reply. This insight was not something that I had before (pertaining to sfcb-smx PSOD's). My reason for using such an old version was due to possible hardware compatibility issues. I'm planning to use Tesla K10's in the server, and have no idea if anything past 6.5 will support them (or the integrated NICs for that matter). In addition to this, I am also unable to download 6.5 U3, due to restrictions that prevent me from accessing download pages for that As far as I am aware, I'd have to get it from a 3rd party source at this point. Here are the links I've tested thus far:



                Pretty much all download links that Google showed me for ESXi 6.5 U3 are for items that I lack access to. Could you point me toward an official download for the ISO, so I can start using the newest version that supports my hardware?

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                  TheBobkin Virtuoso
                  VMware EmployeesvExpert

                  So, I checked (with the links above and also manually) and the download portal appears to be currently down for maintenance (e.g. not a restriction on your side as you mentioned) - try again later.

                  DL580 G7 are not supported past ESXi 6.0 and thus it is unlikely there is a custom HPE ISO available for 6.5 U3.


                  That being said, why are you aiming to setup a homelab on something that may not work at all due to old and unsupported nature?

                  Why not just do a decent nested setup on a PC like many do or use HOL labs if you want to learn how to use different VMware products with zero need for anything but an internet connection?

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                    TopHatProductions115 Enthusiast

                    I picked the DL580 G7 purchase because of platform cost and spare parts cost. The server was under 300 USD shipped, came with 64GB of DDR3, and has the ability to house up to four GPUs if I decide to configure it for such. It also uses Intel CPUs from the Westmere generation, which is similar to what is in my current workstation. I used my workstation back in 2018 to try out ESXi 6.5, and it worked near flawlessly during this test phase. I wanted to try running ESXi 6.5 on something with more cores this time, and was strapped for budget at the time of purchase. I had planned for a somewhat newer platform, but market prices made them all impossible. I wasn't able to get anything newer without breaking budget, so I decided to settle and go for the DL580 G7. So far, it hasn't given me much trouble, aside from the PSOD that I'm getting now. If I can get my hands on a newer ESXi image, that supports the hardware I'm using, I'll go for it.

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                      TopHatProductions115 Enthusiast

                      Okay, I've managed to get past this issue. As you mentioned, the slightly older 6.5 U2 appeared to be the issue. I now have a new issue to fix. Not all of my attached drives are showing up in ESXi. I may need to open a new thread for this...