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    Failed or Canceled Migrations are not clean-up succeed from HCX tracker

    maheshnvermaa Lurker

      I got an issue with HCX migration tracker that cancelled or borted vm are not removed from tracker.


      I have followed process but no luck.



      Sometimes a failed or canceled migration, the system might not clean up migration related processes that were started but did not complete. These processes occur on both the source and destination systems. If migration clean-up does not succeed, future migration operations can fail. The Force Cleanup selection provides the method for manually cleaning up failed or canceled system migration processes. Procedure 1 Navigate to Services > Migration > Tracking. 2 Review the Progress and Status columns for Aborting Migration or Migration Failed messages. If the message is Migration Aborted, the clean-up operation was successful and you can skip this procedure. 3 Expand the selection for the unsuccessful migration. 4 Click Force Cleanup   )


      Please help us to removed from database using commond line