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    Upgrading ADMX templates

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      Customer is planning to upgrade UEM to DEM following procedure: 1) FlexEngine on Windows Desktops, 2) Manager Console, 3) ADMX Templates. As per procedure from VMware official documentation: 1) Remove previous ADMX templates from central store on DCs, 2) Open DEM download package, 3) Copy new ADMX templates from download package to central store on DCs. Does this procedure require downtime? Do the new ADMX templates replace the old ones? How does the customer keep their Windows settings in their VDI desktops when replacing the ADMX templates? Customer is leveraging GPOs to configure the Windows settings on the Desktops so how do the ADMX templates interact with the GPOs. If you can provide additional guidance will be appreciated. Thank you.

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          Hi virtualgirl,


          A GPO is self-contained w.r.t. the policy settings that need to be applied. ADMX templates are only used when creating or editing GPOs, or when viewing settings in the GPMC; they do not affect the actual applying of settings.


          So (unless your customer's GP admins are continuously trying to edit the UEM/DEM GPO ), no downtime is required for this upgrade.


          UEM/DEM ADMX templates are backwards compatible.