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    How to manage ExcludeIndividualRegistryValues when values contains backslashes

    Gerard3 Lurker



      I want to exclude a registry value when exporting the profile using the ExcludeIndividualRegistryValues section.

      The value I don't want to keep is: "C:\Program files (x86)\Vendor\File.ext".

      It contains quotation marks and backslashes...

      Obviously, I can't delete the whole key because it might contain other values, and I can't use directflex (so can't perform a pre-export task to delete the value).


      The log file shows :


      [DEBUG] ExcludeIndividualRegistryValues: Adding exclusion for 'HKCU\Key\SubKey\SubKey I Want to export\SubKey I Need too\"C:\Program files (x86)\Vendor\File.ext"'

      [DEBUG] ExportRegistry: Exporting tree 'HKCU\Key\SubKey\SubKey I Want to export'



      Unfortunately, the exported registry file contains the key, its value and its data.