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    How it worked?

    maniyuvaraj Novice

      Hi, I have a doubt the following scenario how worked. Please let me know your view on this. Thanks!!


      We configured Windows 2016 Cluster Active Passive with VMDK and SCSI Adapter configured with Physical Mode on vSphere 6.5


      VM-A is having all VMDKs and pointed to Datastore A

      VM-B added Cluster Disks from VM-A

      Plan to Migrate the VMDKs to Datastore B without Downtime


      The Plan is to migrate VMDKs to different Storage without Downtime.


      Failed-over  the Cluster Resources from VM-A to VM-B

      Shutdown the VM-A

      Performed Storage vMotion VM-A to Datastore B


      It has been completed Successfully without disturbing Cluster Resources.


      I Checked VM-B which Path is accessing the VMDKs and still it was using same path, the VMDKs are available in same path in Datastore A and also checked Datastore B, the VMDKs were available in  Datastore B as well. it has been duplicated the VMDKs, Since VM-B locked VMDKs.


      Then powered on VM-A and Faileover the Cluster from VM-B to VM-A. It has been completed successfully.


      I am not sure how the failover is completed successfully. since the VMDKs are accessing in different Datastores, how the cluster resources are failed over successfully without any error.