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    Incorrect Vm used space(thin provisioning)

    ManivelR Enthusiast

      I recently migrated one big size virtual machine(thin provisioned) from zfs nfs datastore to iscsi vmfs nimble datastore

      Before migration the used space of vm was 10 tb(in zfs nfs) it was located in esxi 5.5 u3.

      After migration, the used space of vm is 15tb(in nimble datastore). It's located now in esxi 6.7 u1.


      Vm provisioned space is 23tb(i mean all the 11 vmdk disks in the vm) and used space is showing as 15 tb in vm summary.


      From guest os, the usage is just 5tb.


      How to mitigate this one?

      Should I need to run vmkfstools or any other method is available to correct this?


      Thank you,

      Manivel RR