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    App Volumes 4.1 - Microsoft Office template startup files deleted when startup

    danielkrause Enthusiast

        Hi community,


      view 7.12, Appvolumes 4.1, Win 1909 x64, Ms Office 2016 x86


      we have an issue with MS Office 2016 if an app stack is connected.


      We have an Word and Excel Autostart directory. The autostart folder points to an folder directly on the image, that we excluded.


      When an appstack is connected, word gives an error on startup that it cannot connect to the *.dot files.

      I realized so far a appstack is connected the files will be deleted when start the application.


      How can i exclude Office from snapvol.cfg.

      The EnableHookInjection in svdriver\parameters is set to 0


      I tried to exclude the full Office directory, but on logon i get a bluescreen.


      Any suggestions how to solve the deleting of the startup files in word when an appstack is connected?