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        mav2201 Lurker

        Just wanted to say here that after a long night of troubleshooting, our issues were solved by putting all the disks for our composer clones on a SATA controller instead of the LSi one.


        Machines went from freezing on boot to 20 second startups on Win 10 1910.


        Tested on ESXi 7.0 and 6.7U3, using Horizon 7.11 and vCenter 7.0



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          Preetam Zare Expert

          I'm correct to say,  you change the controller on master image to SATA?

          With Great Regards,
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            HPU-ADM Enthusiast

            The test vm (SATA or LSI controller) is on a vmfs 6 store AND has a snapshot?

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              mevaibhav Lurker

              So did the Patch from VMWare Engineering solve this issue ?

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                abugeja Enthusiast

                Is there a fix for this or to just move away from 1809 to a later build version?


                Our issue isnt that its slow in performance but Windows 10 just uses so much more CPU than Windows 7 even at idle. Do 1909 or above address this?

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                  castroanth Novice

                  I tried the same thing on one of my linked clone VDIs:


                  -Win10 1909 VM

                  -ESXi 6.5

                  -Horizon 7.9

                  -VMFS 5 Datastore (It was on VMFS 6 previously, I changed to a VMFS 5 on another suggestion from someone, it may have helped slightly but still was taking far too long for a simple reboot)


                  Changed the virtual disk to bind to a SATA controller instead of the default LSI SAS controller. Took my boot time from 15 min+ to 15 seconds. I'll be changing the master image to the same config and test with an entire pool.



                  After changing the controller on the master image to a SATA controller, my VMs got stuck in the customizing state indefinitely. After a frustrating all nighter, several hours on the phone with VMware (who blamed my version of Win10 and Horizon), and totally rebuilding my image, I figured out, in my case at least, I HAD to have a SCSI controller added to the parent image, even if my disk was attached to the SATA controller.

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