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    SRM/VR - The capacity of the seed disk does not match the capacity of the replication source disk

    winsolo Novice

      vCenter 6.7.0 Build: 15976728

      Source SRM (On-Prem): 8.3.0, 16356494

      Destination VR (VMC on AWS): 8.3.0, 16356494


      vCenter 7.0.0 Build: 16345689

      Source VR (On-Prem):, 16284276

      Destination VR (VMC on AWS):, 16284276











      After having expanded a drive (server_3.vmdk) on a VM on-prem, unable to add the server back to the Protection Group. This used to work on previous version of VR (On prem and VMC on AWS): 8.2.0, 14383137. Does anyone have any idea why?