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    How to detect apps and then also hide apps in the App Catalog?

    PaulBrownPaulBrown1 Novice

      I am trying to monitor whether or not certain apps are installed on devices in our environment. Based on what I have found thus far, it seems like I have to add the app in the APPS & BOOKS area, and assign the app to the OG's. I configure the App Delivery Method as On-Demand, because the point here is to monitor apps that we DONT want installed. So, my first question is... am I thinking about this process correctly? Do I have to add the app in the APPS & BOOKS area and assign it in order to know which devices have the apps installed?


      Second... when I add the app to this area of my WS1 console, how can I be sure that when someone opens the App Catalog on their device, they do not see the apps listed? I don't see any kind of "hidden" flag, so I am wondering about the criteria for it showing up in that list. From my testing, I have seen it NOT show up for my iOS devices, but then the same configuration for an Android app ends up making it show up in the App Catalog on an Android device.