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    Auto Unassign User of Dedicated Pool

    cdeschepper Lurker

      I have a dedicated pool setup with one VM in it.  I have entitled a user group to the pool, and have auto assignment turned on.  Now normally only one person will be using this VM, but on the occasion that he is out sick or on vacation another person will be filling in.  In order to let the second person use the VM I would need to unassign the first user.  Would it be possible to somehow automate this process?  Such as the user restarts the VM each night when he leaves, and in the process of being rebooted it also unassigns him as the user of that VM?  Does anyone know if that is possible?  I'm fairly new to running our Horizon environment so please excuse me if this seems like a silly question, or if there is a better way to achieve this goal.


      Thank you for your help!