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    Change hardware on master image

    mmaus Novice

      I want to increase the amount of RAM that each of my dedicated (not persistent) instant clones have.



      I thought this KB article had the instructions (Change the Image of an Instant-Clone Desktop Pool ) but it says to log into the admin portal then click on Catalog > Desktop Pool > Pool ID > Push Image


      I am using Horizon 7.12 and do not see these options


      I tried to click on Inventory > Desktops > Click on my Pool Master Image > Clicked on the Maintain drop down > Schedule > Force User log off > etc...  This kicked my test machine off and reset it, but did not increase the RAM.


      I also tried doing a manual Rest Virtual Machine on my test pc, but no luck there either.


      Do I have to delete the pool and recreate it?  I would be surprised if this is the case.  Do I need to Disable Provisioning and then re-enable it?
      How are you suppose to push updates across a pool of instant clones?


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          nburton935 Enthusiast

          There is no such thing as a persistent instant clone - do you mean dedicated instant clone? When you go back to the Inventory > Desktops page in the HTML5 admin console, what do the Type, Source, and User Assignment columns say for that pool? Source should say vCenter (Instant Clone).


          If it's truly an instant clone pool: increase the memory on your golden image, snapshot it, and push a new snapshot using the Schedule button you talked about on the first "Image" page. All child desktops will get the new memory amount allocated from the golden image.



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            mmaus Novice

            You are correct.  It is a dedicated instant clone not a persistent instant clone.  I have corrected my original post.


            I have erased my snapshots and created a new one and am re-running the processes now.  It seems to be taking longer than it did the last time so perhaps it will work this time.


            Thank you for confirming the steps...I will post an update as soon as I have one.


            Second attempt seemed to work.  Not sure why the first one failed.  Thanks again.