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    appliance manager service issue in vCenter appliance

    priyathamkhaspa Lurker

      I have installed vCenter6.7 on ESXi 6.7 host. In the vCenter appliance I'm seeing the below log message continuously in /var/log/vmware/messages log file.


      2020-07-15T08:20:01.112590-07:00 glhc-vcsa sshd 39441 - - pam_mgmt_cli(sshd:auth): authentication successful, but failed to connect to applmgmt service (254):

      2020-07-15T08:20:01.029120-07:00 glhc-vcsa cli - - - vmware.vherd.linux_cli.cli Error getting authentication cookie from applmgmt service. Verify that the applmgmt service is running and that the method requested to obtain the cookie requires authentication.


      However when I login into the vCenter appliance and check the status of applmgmt service it is showing as running. However I have started restarting the service and still the issue is not solved.


      How to resolve this issue?