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    Need to remove Nimble plugin, but MOB not accessible

    tomking.chen Novice

      I got into this chicken egg scenario: My vCenter certificate was expired. I tried to regenerate the certs by following this VMware Knowledge Base

      But the regeneration failed with error "lstool get failed: 1", looks like the Nimble storage plugin is causing the problem. According to this VMware Knowledge Base just remove the plugin, all should be good. But I cannot remove it from vCenter portal as its down due to certificate expiry!


      Anyone know a way to remove the plug other than the MOB url suggested in this VMware Knowledge Base ?

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          Abhilashhb Virtuoso
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          Follow the below steps for s a 6.7 version VC:


          1. Log in to the vCenter Server as a root user by using a Secure Shell (SSH).
          2. Switch to the cd  /etc/vmware/vsphere-ui/vc-packages/vsphere-client-serenity directory.
          3. Stop the vSphere Web Client: service vsphere-client stop
          4. Remove the directories containing the UI extensions: rm -rf com.nimble.xxxx
          5. Restart the vSphere Web Client: service vsphere-client start


          Take a snapshot of the VM, while you perform this, just to be safe and to make sure it doesn't cause more issue than you are already facing

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            Vijay2027 Expert

            You should use lstool.py utility to un-register plugin.

            List all service ID's:

            /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/lstool.py list --url https://localhost/lookupservice/sdk --no-check-cert > /var/tmp/psc_service.txt

            From the above file '/var/tmp/psc_service.txt' search for Nimble plugin's Service ID.


            To unregister:


            /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/lstool.py unregister --url https://localhost/lookupservice/sdk --user administrator@vsphere.local --password 'password' --id 'Nimble Service ID from above step' --no-check-cert


            If you do not want to remove the plugin, the workaround is to edit a python file. You may log a case with GSS for this.

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