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    Edge Routing - PSBR

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      What is a PSBR route?


      Rhetorical question - why can't I find anything about it in the knowledge base? 

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          where did you get that nomenclature from (PSBR)?


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            are you referring to this?


            I found it in this context:

            7.Orchestrator Post-Installation stepsThe lab will not focus on actual installation of the Orchestrator. The orchestrator is typically delivered asa virtual appliance in OVA(for VMware)or QCOW2(For OpenStack / KVM)format and supports cloud-init for initial configuration.Installation of the virtual machine does not differ from any other virtual machine installation.However, once the appliance is operational, it is required to complete the following post-install steps:


            see Attachment.



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              Route flags are defined at the bottom of the output if you're not piping to grep or some other filter:  P - PG, B - BGP, D - DCE, L - LAN SR, C - Connected, O - External, W - WAN SR, S - SecureEligible, R - Remote, s - self, H - HA, m - Management, n - nonVelocloud, v - ViaVeloCloud


              That said, in your case the PSBR flag breaks down like this:


              P:  Route via a partner gateway

              S:  Secure eligible (traffic to this prefix will be encrypted via the overlay)

              B:  BGP learned route

              R:  Remote route (reachable via the overlay)