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    VTSP-NV Course

    routing1000 Novice



      my company asked to complete VTSP-NV free course for NSX-T VCP official training


      I tried to find VTSP-NV course under partner login Signin but didn't found this course.


      please help

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          scott28tt Guru
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          There is no requirement for someone to complete a VTSP before they go for a VCP, plus the training for VTSP does not meet the training requirement for a VCP.


          I don't know who you work for, but VTSP training/exams/certifications are for partners only - not end-users.


          I also don't know what training or certifications you have already completed, which would influence the specific requirements for you to achieve VCP-NV 2020 (based on NSX-T) - you can check the paths here:


          VMware Certified Professional - Network Virtualization 2020 (VCP-NV 2020)

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            routing1000 Novice

            Hello Scott,


            my company is partner only. We are going to get VCP NSX-T online training from vmware in August but my company person asked us to complete VTSP-NV course before training.


            I believe, its for vSphere introduction or something.


            Can you please tell me what is this course VTSP-NV for ?


            Thank you very much...

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              scott28tt Guru
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              VTSP = VMware Technical Sales Professional


              A VTSP is a partner-only accreditation, usually taken only by technical sales people - most commonly referred to as "pre-sales" or a "systems engineer".


              There is a VTSP Foundation, plus separate VTSPs for each defined competency area.


              If you don't know much about NSX-T it won't do you any harm to learn the basics via the VTSP before you take your full class in August (presumably the NSX-T: Install Configure Manage class)


              If you are a partner, you should get access to the VTSP training through Partner University.


              If that is not the case, you or whoever in your company manages your partner relationship with VMware should get in touch with Partner Support.

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                Abhilashhb Virtuoso
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                If this a VMware funded seat through alliances funding, they would have asked you to go through VTSP-NV before the training so you have basic knowledge of the NSX product and it's features.


                I'm from Strategic Alliances team at VMware and I generally ask my partners to do this so they go to class with some preparation and avoid basic questions.


                Scott has already pointed you to the link where you will be able to take this up and now you the reason why you need to do it and how it will help you.

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                  routing1000 Novice

                  Hello Abhilash, Scott,


                  I understood your points.


                  I am newbie in vmware  


                  So i hope only VMTS NV is sufficient

                  For NSX-T course? I mean learning vsphere is NOT prerequisites?  I know but just i want to reconfirm with you.. 



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                    scott28tt Guru
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                    NSX-T can work independently of vSphere, though the official pre-requisites are here: VMware NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V3.0]

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