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    Skyline Health not working

    Sven Vollmann Novice

      Hello everyone,


      since a week we recognize that the Skyline Health in our VCSA 6.7U3 seems to have some issues.

      We see only three tests under Skyline Health and "Under Online Health Availability" "Online health checks execution" has a yellow mark. The "Online health connectivity" and "Customer experience improvement program (CEIP)" are green.

      When we click "Retest" it will work für some time and shows us the tests but then it goes back in the faulty state. A restart of the Appliance changed nothing.

      The Ask VMware link is useless. It leeds only to this page VMware Support Offerings & Services.

      So where can i look what the problem is or have anyone a suggestion what to do ?


      Best regards Sven