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    VIO 6 Instance Console Access

    rysto Lurker

      Hello all and thanks in advance for answering my question.


      I have a question regarding the VMware Integrated OpenStack and the Instance console access.

      We have a separation between control plane and api network configuration. The control plane network is not accessible form company network (only from data center network)

      The console access (mks) is working fine from the a network with the access to the VIO internal (admin) control plane management data center network e.g.: https://192.168.x.y:6090/vnc_auto.html?token=f5d8eeb4... but not from the company (public API) network.


      It there a way to get instance console access from company “Public” Network via a proxy in "Public" network?


      from nova.conf


      enabled = true

      mksproxy_base_url = https://192.168.x.y:6090/vnc_auto.html

      mksproxy_host =

      mksproxy_port = 6190



      enabled = false

      novncproxy_host =

      vncserver_listen =



      enabled = false

      html5proxy_host =

      server_listen =