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    vCenter Email Alerts not working anymore?

    finsfree Novice

      I'm running vCenter 6.7 w/ three host also running ESXI 6.7.


      I had certain alerts send me email notifications (like if a host lost power) and for whatever reason it just stopped working. For testing proposes, I'm testing an alert when a VM powers off to send me and email notification. After powering ff the VM, it has yet to send me a successful email. I'm not sure if some updates has stopped this from happening or what. Is anyone else having this issue?


      I've seemed to have lost that ability to have vCenter email notifications. Like I said, it was working in the past.


      I do get other mail alerts from other apps like Veeam everyday, so I know the Office 365 email address or the SMTP server isn't the issue.


      What am I missing in vCenter?