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    Auto Start HA

    SilviaFP Lurker


      I'am using VMware  ESXi 6.7.0. to configure a HA system. In case of power loss, I  want the system to start up the virtual machines in a specific order and an specific server. 

      • I have selected "Guest heartbeats detected" as VM dependency restart condition
      • I have created a VM group for each virtual machine (1-srv1,2-srv1,....1-srv2,2-srv2...)
      • I have created Virtual machine to host rules, selecting the server where the virtual machine SHOULD run
      • I have created virtual machine to virtual machines rules to select the previous group to check before starting a new virtual machine group as follows :


           1-SRV1 -> 2_SRV1 -> 3-SRV1....


           1-SRV2 -> 2-SRV2 -> 3- SRV2... 


           After the power loss,  1-srv1 and 1-srv2 groups start but another groups start at the same time ,n ot only this two groups. In additin the virtual machines are running not always in the server where they should run.

      I will appreciate if someone can give a clue where the error is or if my configuration is wrong or incomplete.

      Thank you in advance.