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    vcenter 7.0b

    gcomstar Lurker

      was this pulled? my vcenter server update says the file cant be found and its not listed on the main download section. it is still in the patch download center though.

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          Sukanyad Enthusiast
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          can u upload the screen of the error .

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            AlessandroRomeo68 Master



            I agree with "Sukanyad ".

            You should document your problem a little more. So it is easier to help you.



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              I am just going through the upgrade procedure in our lab, and it works fine here. Just staged the update and now applying it. So please provide a screenshot of the exact error you are getting.

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                gcomstar Lurker

                hey guys i didnt post the error because i just wanted to validate the update wasnt pulled. vcenter 7.0b isnt available for download on the site so i thought perhaps the update was pulled and i wanted to validate.


                the gui upgrade process fails immediately and says vcenter is non operational. Vcenter was working just fine though, i applied the update via the cli:


                software-packages install --url


                that worked fine.



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                    NASAWest Novice

                    I pushed this build to my 4 node ESXi cluster via vSphere Lifecycle Manager. The process updated three servers before I noticed the CPUs (8-core) were at 98C...The Supermicro 300-9D IPMI was CPU throttling.


                    I've rebuilt the cluster again using the ESXi GA 7.0 bits, then applied the ESXi 7.0b update the same issue. ...yea, I'm a slow learner. Next, I tried just BOOTING to the ESXi 7.0b bits, the same CPU over temp issues. Seems something in the ESXi 7.0b is putting the CPU (D-2100) into a loop.


                    So, it seems like two issues. one for Center and one for ESXi. This one needs more testing.

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                      MBanyard Lurker

                      My VCSA upgrade from 7.0.0 to 7.0.0b isn't progressing smoothly either...


                      VCSA update was initiated via the VAMI GUI "upgrade" process.  


                      Staging and installation initiated successfully, but the upgrade proceeded to 91% complete whereby it operationally stalled (hasn't failed) at the "Installation in progress | Converting data as part of post install" status. The "cancel installation" button option on the 91% VAMI upgrade status dialog box is greyed out, so no option to cancel via the GUI.


                      VAMI and VSCA login web pages both became inaccessible upon the upgrade stalling at 91% complete.  Reboot of the VCSA re-enabled full operational access to both the VAMI and VSCA client web interfaces.


                      My VCSA is still alive and kicking, but running the original 7.0.0 (10300) revision of code.  I can fully access VAMI functionality initially upon rebooting the VCSA, but upon a couple of minutes the VAMI will effectively lockup and return to the 91% installation progressing dialog box!  VCSA client capabilities are fully operational.


                      Diving into logs and trying to deconstruct what is going on now!


                      My setup is a home lab against four SuperMicro E200-8D servers - build is a greenfield build of ESXi 7.0 hosts with base VSAN and a single distributed switch. The ONLY workload installed is the VCSA.


                      THANKS - Michael

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                        MBanyard Lurker

                        Deleted and unregistered my failed updated ( -> VCSA virtual machine.  Successfully reinstalled the VCSA and restored my data back to the original configuration.  Executed the upgrade again and it successfully completed.  The only notable difference was executing the upgrade via the "root" account versus "administrator@x.y.z" user login context.