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    Executing VMware Horizon Client on Raspbian Linux don't work!

    RaspberryDE Lurker

      Hello at all,


      I have install the current Version of the VMware Horizon Client (5.2) on the current Raspbian Buster Distro.

      The installation went smoothly. The subsequent scan was also error-free and the scan shows succesfull on all.

      But now after the Installation I can not start the Client on the VMware Horizon Client Icon. I get only the hourglass which disappears after a short time.

      I also tried to start the client  (vmware-view as command) via the console I there I will get this error:


      /usr/bin/vmware-view: Zeile 167: /usr/lib/vmware/view/bin/vmware-view: Kann die Binärdatei nicht ausführen: Fehler im Format der Programmdatei




      Does anyone have a Idee or Solution for that?


      Thank you and Greetz!