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    How to run VCSA outside the environment it is managing ?

    ChrisI88 Novice

      We are in the planning stages of migrating our vsphere 6.5 environment to either 6.7 or 7.0.

      Our current vCenter is 6.5 on Windows with a external PSC also on windows.  Both are running on a dedicated physical server outside of the vsphere vm environment.

      If we move to 6.7, we can keep this setup until the move to 7.x, but if we try to move to the appliance (have to with 7.0) then we have a problem.  We do not want vcenter inside the environment it is managing.  We had a issues with it in the past and feel that the management server does not belong within the environment it is managing. 


      With that being said we tried to migrate our test environment to the 7.0 appliance as a proof of concept, as we eventually have to merge the PSC now.  Upon trying to migrate 6.5 to 7.0 we ran into problems with the ESXi free stand-alone version.  It was our impression that vcenter appliance was able to run on the free version of ESXi (free license and all), but this now no longer seem to be the case.  The only other option for moving to 7.0 would be to purchase an additional ESXi license for a single ESXI host for the appliance to run on OR to do what we do not wish to do and that is for it to run inside the environment it is managing.


      Has anyone run into this issues and found an alternate solution to this ?