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    Adding a VASA storage provider through Proxy

    nipro64 Lurker

      On a vCenter 6.7 I want to add a 3PAR VASA Storage provider. This is working fine when both vCenter and the 3PAR Management (VASA provider) are on the same subnet.

      But now I'm on 2 different subnets and the vCenter connection need to go through a Proxy server to reach the 3PAR VASA storage provider URL.


      However when adding this new Storage on vCenter the request is failing

      • in the sps.log I have a

      com.vmware.vim.sms.provider.ProviderFactory - Error during the validation of the provi URL java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out

      • and if I do a tcpdump on the appliance I can see that the request goes directly to the destination without going through the proxy (which I assume is my issue)


      My question is: how can I have the vSphere storage provider adding request going through the Proxy server to reach my VASA storage provider ? Any specific additional configuration to do?


      On the VCS Appliance I do have my proxy server set at the Networking menu Level.

      And by the way doing a manual wget to the VASA storage provider URL though the VCSA CLI goes as expected through the proxy (and reach the destination)


      Thanks in advance, Nicolas