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    VCP-NV 2020 requirements and course version

    lti74lti22 Lurker



      I would like to pass the VCP-NV 2020 NSX-T certification. I have two questions :


      1. I'm holding a VCP-DCV 2019, is it a valid requirement for the VCP-NV 2020 exam?

      The Certification website states that I must hold "a VCP6-DCV Newer". I don't know what is a "Newer" certification. Does it include my VCP-DCV 2019 ?


      2.The exam is based on NSX-T 2.4, but the newer trainings are based on NSX-T 3.0

      Is there any differences for passing the exam ?

      Is it planned to have exams based on NSX-T 3.0 (To align with the newest trainings) ? Is there any dates already announced ?

      What is the best option ? Follow "VMware NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage" 3.0 (newest) or 2.4 (To stick to exam content) ?


      Thank you