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    Microsoft Photos App - Add-ons

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      I have set the Microsoft Photos app as the default photo viewer in our VDI environment, its ok, it does the basics right. I know that there are other alternatives out there and have experimented with ImageGlass.


      I'm struggling with the following problem, when I launch the app or if our users do, the Microsoft Photos app automatically tries to download the following two add-ons:

      - Photos.DLC.Main

      - Photos.DLC.Media.Engine


      These add-ons will auto install when you go into the video editing options in Photos, and when you attempt to do a search.


      I have tried to block windows store, windows apps from updating automatically, yet Photos always tries to install these add-ons. I've tried may ways through registry and GPO yet no luck.


      In a linked clone environment, these add-ons wont install, although they appear as grey apps in the start menu and will remain there until you manually uninstall them, although Photos will attempt to install these add-ons again.


      Attempting to install these add-ons via a logon script breaks the file association, Windows is unable to detect the default photo viewer. For example opening a image from Outlook.


      I'd like to know if anyone else has run into this problem and how they were able to overcome this possibly using VMware DEM?