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    Installer process ID

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      Our test scripts may run many copies of Bitrock installers at the same time on the same machine, and those installers put files in the ${system_temp_directory}.  We're finding that this causes the installers to step on each other in the temp directory.  To prevent this, I want to use the installer's process ID (or similar) as part of the filename.  I could also use a timestamp, but the pid seems simpler and guaranteed to be unique.  Is there a platform-independent way of accessing the Bitrock installer's process ID?

      Thank you!

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          InstallBuilder does not provide the PID identifier. However, what you can do is use timestamp and random value to create a unique, temporary directory - such as:

          <createTimeStamp>         <format>%Y%m%d%H%M%S</format>         <variable>unique_timestamp</variable>     </createTimeStamp>     <generateRandomValue>         <length>10</length>         <variable>unique_random</variable>     </generateRandomValue>     <setInstallerVariable>         <name>unique_temp</name>         <value>${system_temp_directory}/${unique_timestamp}_${project.shortname}_${unique_random}</value>     </setInstallerVariable>

          You can then use <createDirectory> to create the directory and then do <deleteFile> in <postUninstallerCreationActionList> and <installationAbortedActionList> to delete the directory when installation finishes or is cancelled.