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    VC 6.7 U3h Upgrade to 7.0a Failure

    wvalentine Novice



      I have a vCenter appliance I'm upgrading, I go through the process, everything works fine until after importing the data from the source vCenter instance.  So, stage 1 goes fine, stage 2 goes fine until after the original vCenter is shut down.  The original vCenter is shutting down before it continues past that.  I then get this error.



      Error setting network. Details : 15/06/2020 16:51:38 [ERROR] Cannot run /sbin/ifup eth0 command. Unknown error. Return code : 256 output: Make sure the interface is down or not assigned any IP eth0 is DOWN or not assigned an IP. Bringnig eth0 up... Can not find the manual filename, let us search for the auto filename Performing duplicate address check for IPv4 address  [1;31mError: IP already exists in the network [0;39m Unable to set the network parameters

      Failed to set network


      The IP is the source vCenter appliance.  It is shut down while the wizard still says it's shutting down the source.  I'm not sure what's happening.